Myers Briggs

I’ve compiled the accurate parts from the description of my personality type found at under the INTJ link:

I often feel I am missing something, that I have a perspective or viewpoint that isn’t widely shared …

I tend to be someone who looks … way ahead with a vision of things and anticipating. I’m always interested in extending myself into [new areas]. … I like to [think things through] before I act—the implications, what others have tried before and their effect, my options and their consequences, who to mobilize and in what time frame. I like coming up with new ideas about how to approach a situation until I find [one] that feels right. And I [try to come up with a solution] that works for everyone. I experience problems as challenges, not as things that can’t be dealt with or accomplished. Challenges can always be dealt with.

I am naturally organized, structured, and analytical. If a project enters my mind it immediately assumes the form of its pieces, its basic structure, and what order—first, next, last—it will take to get it done. This … happens instantaneously [and] without effort. Issues are multifaceted and I try to think from different perspectives, not only my perspectives but others’ too.

I won’t do something if I feel I can’t do it well. I will integrate [my experiences] and … I [feel] satisfied when things work well … I like to improve people’s lives by reorganizing and introducing things in [a] way that is [clear, explicit, and understandable]. Then someone else can … take over. I set very high standards for myself, and I believe it is possible to be competent at anything … I set my mind to.

I keep myself very private … [and] I keep people at arm’s length. They have to gain my trust and interest. People are curious about me, I think, but only the brave try to figure me out. I feel very serious, but some [people] I just like a lot, and I can be spontaneously playful. I have a sensitivity to people and can feel warm with them, although many perceive me as intimidating, aloof or annoyed, or incredibly calm and competent about everything. I look for systems that will make things better, and I am very much a person who seeks fairness and equality. People are very important, and I want to help them develop the skills they need to get on in life, whatever that means for each one of them.

There’s always something to occupy my mind or attention. … It’s a complex world, and … if something really interests me I have an incredible ability to stick with it—even though I have a larger perspective, I can be very focused and zero in on a point. I [am able to see] the world at many levels.

Autonomy is [very] important, to be respected for my own thoughts and feelings, ideas and creativity. I am turned off when people try to discredit my ideas, don’t listen before they even understand, or when people don’t try to do the best they can or fight against progress. And if the emotional piece is not well managed in my life, [if it’s] not compartmentalized, work is very difficult. Chitchat is tedious. I don’t know what to say, and I figure [people I don’t know well aren’t] interested in me anyway.

Over time I have built a world-view … and from this [I assume] essentially everything is understandable. … All the things I’ve [learned] have been [learned] by picking up on or asking myself good, clear, penetrating questions to expose and articulate the hidden structures that underlie the experience of living.




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